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Getting your home ready for Airbnb

Now that Vancouver has altered its stance on Airbnb, many property owners are wishing to prepare their properties to host short term rentals. Depending on the rental’s location, there is a lucrative opportunity to get involved. Aside from location, condition and atmosphere of your space are going to play a heavy role in your ability […]

How We Help Customers Rent and Sell Their Property

Package Options: Our design packages, Update and Modern are very special as they are built to help maximize the attractiveness of your home at a minimal expense. With Update, you’ll enjoy a basic handyman service, refreshed paint, and new baseboards. If you wish to step it up a notch, the Modern package is identical with […]

Why Customers Like to Use Us

Why Level Update? With all we do, we challenge what is normal in the construction industry. We strive to work with like-minded individuals who enjoy convenience and value transparency. Our renovation packages are designed and installed with timeless quality materials that shape a space you can be proud of. Who are we? From passion to […]

Before and After Work

This project started with an early 1990’s apartment building on Howe and Drake in Vancouver. The flooring was outdated tile throughout, the passthrough in the kitchen was unacceptable and it had a single door to the bedroom. Dealing with 585 square feet, we had to get really creative and determine how we could make this […]